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The Karmic Retribution For Catching Frogs

During the Qing Dynasty, in the sixteenth year of Tao-guang, the magistrate of Jiang-yin county in Jiangsu put up a notice to prohibit people from catching frogs. There was an illiterate and stubborn farmer, Zhang A-xi, who earned a living by catching frogs and teaching people hot to cook them to perfection.

Some people advised him: "The frogs are beneficial creatures which protect the crops. The government has also put up a notice to prohibit us from catching them. You can earn a living by other means so why must you insist on carrying out this practice?" However, A-xi refused to take their advices and continued with what he was doing.

One day, it was raining heavily and the water level in the river rose quickly. Again, A-xi went out to catch frogs. As he was not particularly careful. He slipped and fell into the river and drowned. After two days, his corpse was found floating on the water and countless frogs were seen devouring the flesh.

The process of slaughtering frogs is extremely cruel. The frogs are slaughtered alive. Their feet and heads are chopped off first and the poor frogs will struggle for a long time before they finally die. This torture is the same as that in the hell. Just imagine that if you are in its place and had to undergo such acute torment, will you be able to take it?

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