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The Frogs Demanded To Have Their Lives Restored

During the first year of Ming Guo, in the county of Wu-wei, Anhui Province, there lived a barber who loved to eat frogs. The number of frogs slaughtered by him were countless.

One night, he suddenly woke up and saw that his bed, straw mat, blanket, shirt collar and sleeves seemed to be covered with frogs. He got up immediately to make a fire at his stove and threw his mat, blanket and clothing into a pot of water. After the water had boiled, he went back to his room. Again, he found that the bed was all covered with frogs. He was traumatized and did not have a good night sleep.

The next day, he told his neighbors what had happened the previous night. While they were still discussing on the matter, he suddenly shouted excitedly: "The frogs are again on my body!" But those people around him did not see anything. After some time, he again complained: "There are frogs on my hair and eye brows." Even after he shaved off all the hair on his body, he still felt that they were everywhere.

Everyday, he would order his son-in-law to hit his body with a rod to get rid of the imaginary frogs. He also pounded his clothing in a mortar. After undergoing such torture for six years, he finally died.

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