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Reprimand Immoral Behaviors, Enjoy Success and Glory

Translated from 重寫戒淫證輯 - 拒淫又示其淫過,得獲身顯子孫榮

Xie Qian who lived during the Ming Dynasty in Yu Yao County, was employed as tutor by his neighbor during his younger years. The neighbour’s daughter was infatuated with the good look of Xie, and took opportunity one day to get close to him when her parents were not at home. Initially, Xie treated the lady with due respect, but when she continued to tease him, Xie was panic and immediately yell at her that “How could an unmarried woman like you associate yourself privately with a man? If I were to behave promiscuously like you and engage in immoral acts, it would ruin your chastity and your reputation would be tarnished. If others came to learn about it, your family and your future husband’s family would be put to shame. All these just for a moment of pleasure, do you think you could have your peace of mind?” Having said that, Xie demanded her to leave immediately. After being reprimanded by Xie, the young lady was shameful for her behavior, and thanked Xie for pointing out her mistake and prevented her in committing act that might resulted in life-long regret. She left in tears of shame after saying that.

Xie’s honorable character coupled with his diligence and determination, he was eventually conferred the imperial scholar and became a well-known official during his time. In addition, his son also became a high-ranking imperial official. These were all attributed to the good cause of not committing sexual misconduct.

Editor Commentary: In olden days, unmarried males and females observed very strict rule of not coming into physical contact with each other, for fear of committing immoral acts that led to regrets later on. There is often news reporting that females were taken advantage and subsequently being abandoned. Many of which would not have taken place if the traditional rule has been adhered to which would have steered them away from temptations.

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