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A Torturous Death For Cruel Killing

There was a magistrate who enjoyed eating goose feet and the hearts of goats.

Whenever he wanted to eat goose feet, he would first place a goose in an iron cage over a fire. After a while, the base of the cage would become red-hot. The poor animal would be jumping frantically by then. However, the magistrate was not disturbed by it at all. The heat would cause the feet to swell as blood rushed to it. After that, he would sever the feet and fry them. It was indeed a horrible sight to see the goose undergoing such torture.

In addition to the above act, he would often order his servant to tie a goat to a stake and instruct the cook to slit open the ribs of the goat while alive. He would then remove the heart and cook it. The poor goat would wail in great pain and finally die a cruel death. In order to satisfy his palate, the magistrate tortured countless animals before killing them for food.

Later, the magistrate fell sick and his body began to develop malignant sores which no other medicine can cure. He moaned in great pain day and night. It was only after suffering for a long time did he die eventually.

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